Catapult - E-Commerce

CATAPULT will propel your products to your customers with the most refreshing visual and technically enhanced experience

Virtual Atlantic's CATAPULT E-Commerce solution help our clients see the bigger picture; creating solutions that ensure your competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Functionality Overview

Providing the utmost in customer experience to deliver an E-Commerce solution that is more than just an online store.

  • Responsive Design – Provide a consistently great UX across all device types and screen sizes.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Drive traffic to your website through various optimization methods.
  • Completely Custom Checkout – Build a highly-optimized checkout experience optimized just for you.
  • Related Products – Offer users similar products for comparison.
  • Discounts & Coupons – Create a variety of discounts and coupons for uses to take advantage of.
  • Multiple Payment Methods – Implement any of 50+ payment types available.
  • Wishlists – Allow Users to build wishlists for themselves and for others.
  • External Authentication – Authenticate users through 3rd party services such as Facebook and Google.
  • Live Chat – Provide opportunities to connect customers with service representatives.
  • Tax Features – Get a robust set of tools to manage all of your tax needs.
  • Shipping Options – Offer users a variety of shipping options, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • Product Management – Manage all attributes of a product, including images, measurements, colors, prices, reviews, and much more.
  • Reward Points – Reward users for their continued patronage and encourage further purchases.
  • Abandoned Cart Notification – Reach out to users that haven’t yet completed their purchase and offer incentives for them to come back and complete their purchase.
  • Product Reviews – Encourage users to leave product ratings and reviews.
  • Subscription & Recurring Products – Bill users periodically for subscription-based products and services.
  • Multi-Language Support – Let users change the language of your e-commerce site on the fly.
  • Ad Management – Customize the ways in which advertisements are used in your online store.
  • Quickbooks Integration– Save time, prevent errors, and eliminate time-consuming data-entry.
  • Administration Tool – Manage all aspects of the e-commerce web app, including users, orders, payments, inventory, fulfillment, shipping, and returns.
  • Custom Reports – Get key insights into how your online store is performing.

User Management

Configure and manage users of all types

  • Web Access: Responsive, web-based system that will allow users to login from any type of device using a web browser.
  • User Access Management: Create, modify, activate, deactivate users in the system
  • Role-Based Permission Management: Dynamically govern access to all sections within the system.

E-Commerce Front-End

A full-featured user experience for site visitors

Product Catalog - Visitors will be able to easily navigate the catalog by product category, part number, or keyword and filter the lists of products displayed.

Product Page – View a large image, product details and description, additional images, and suggested items for cross sales.

Product ImagesView a large default image of the product on the page with additional images or variations available for view.

Add to Cart - The user will select the product and add the item to the cart for further processing offline.

Cross-Selling - Additional products will be available within the product page for upselling opportunities.

Shopping Cart - The shopping cart page will be shown when a product is added to the cart or when the shopping cart link is clicked.

Cart Items - The page will contain a table with the products within the cart and a total price.

Continue Shopping - A visitor can continue shopping by clicking this button.

Checkout Button - This button will take the visitor to the checkout page.

Checkout Process - The checkout process should be a quick and easy 2-step process. Pay with a credit card, submit order, and immediately receive a confirmation.

Member Accounts/Registration - Visitors can sign up to access various account management tools:

  • Purchase History - View previous purchases made from the site.
  • Order Status - Check the status of an order.
  • Password Reminder - If a user cannot remember their password, it will be emailed to the address on file.

Ecommerce Backend

Manage your orders through a full-featured control panel

Administrative Control Panel – Manage all aspects of your site from this area.

General Search - Quickly search the entire system for a keyword or search phrase.

Recently Viewed Items - Keep a list of the most recent items and embed them on every page of the system to quickly reference that item.

Support Form – Easily contact your support team.

Product Management – Manage products and their associated details

Details - Manage product name, description, and price.

Images - Manage product images with an image upload tool.

Related Products (Cross Selling) - Cross-relate products and manage product associations.

Inventory Management - Inventory and availability will be managed here.

Group Management - Products can be assigned to available groups.

Product Groups - Manage product categories and subcategories.

Customer Management - A list of customers will be retained in the database and can be sorted and filtered.

Order History - View a history of all orders submitted by your customers.

Order Management - A list of orders will be retained and filtered by status.

Payment Processing – Accept credit cards in real-time using

SSL Certificates & Encryptions - The checkout process is protected through a 128-bit encrypted secure connection.



Deployment & Integration Options

Everything you need to get CATAPULT E-Commerce up and running.

  • Hosted
  • On-Site
  • Integrate with Your Existing Platform: We can integrate with dozens of third party platforms, including: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, Salesforce, custom-built software, and other common association management systems.

Customer Support

Get help when you need it.

  • Team 360: Continual access to a team of industry veterans including in subscription.
  • Email: Email support is available 24/7
  • Phone: Phone support is available during regular business hours, for an additional cost.


Flexible setups to fit your budget and hosting needs.

  • Subscription: Includes updates for the duration of the subscription.
  • Fixed-Cost Development: Firm fixe cost with additional charge for future updates/enhancements.

Product Training

Our software is easy to use, and we can assist you in setting it up in line with our best practices.

  • On-Site
  • Remote via Go To Meeting
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